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    We are delighted to announce that legendary Dubai’s Brand, The Hamptons Café, is launching its third location in August this year inside the premium Arabian Ranches community. Designed in the unmistakable Hamptons style, Arabian Ranches Branch of The Hamptons Café is already its third location, which ties perfectly with the prime community locations. It took a lot of effort to implement the ambitions, style and atmosphere of The Hamptons Cafe inside the community and it will truly be something special.

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    Would you like to wake up in the morning, feeling Energized and Vitalized, keeping your energy levels up throughout the day and still feeling awake and Energized after a busy day at work? Sure, you would love to and one of the solution is Healthy Boosters. By getting a mega dose of Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Minerals in liquid form, you’re making it easier for your system to digest and absorb them, says nutrition expert Isaac Eliaz, MD, medical director of Amitabha Healing Clinic in Santa Rosa, California. Plus, the extra fluids help keep you hydrated, improve communication between immune cells, and flush out foreign bodies.

    So, whether you’re looking to start your day off with Extra Energy, here are 6 Energy-Boosting drinks based on The Hamptons café's best recipes, which you must try:

    • Berry Booster: Blend some refrigerated berries with banana. Afterwards, drop a piece of Ginger and some pineapple juice into the blend. To top up this combination, add a spoon of honey and enjoy.
    • Avocado Booster: Avocado is known in the beauty industry for its magnificent effect on women’s beauty. Mix it with banana and add some orange to make special touch.
    • ABC Booster: It’s the king of the boosters. Super healthy combination of Apple Beetroot and Carrot— your body will say thank you.
    • Green Booster: Next combination of Super Healthy Avocado together with refreshing Cucumber, Celery and Spinach make it double healthy for your body. Don’t forget the Orange for the special touch.
    • Glow Booster: Glow your skin with this amazing mix of Mango and Pineapple. To have an extra vitamin C dose, add Ginger and glow.
    • Power Booster: Add extra power with a dose of Mango, Orange and Strawberry; to complete the composition, add some peach and power your day.

    Remember daily intake of Healthy Boosters will do the trick! They can instantly help get rid of sluggishness and fatigue by giving your body all the vitamin, minerals and enzymes it needs to work efficiently. Give your body a real kick-start and long-lasting energy with "Healthy Hamptons Boosters" — probably the most nutritious drinks on the planet. We promise that you will notice the difference!

    The History of Tea

    According to Chinese legend, tea was first discovered in 2727 BC, when the Emperor Shen Nong was purifying water in the shelter of a tea tree, and several leaves blew into the pot. Having tasted the resulting brew, of superb fragrance, color and taste, the emperor rejoiced. He introduced the hot beverage to his people, but until roughly 618AD, the beverage was used mostly for medicinal purposes. It was then, during the Tang Dynasty, that tea became a popular household beverage for everyday use. The spread of tea to the western world started in 1517 when Portuguese trade ships first docked in China. The tea drinking custom was introduced to France in 1638, then to England in 1645, and subsequently to other European countries and North America in the middle of the 17th Century.

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